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You can publish commits to specific environments, like staging and production. Bitbucket shows what is deployed at any given time.

Deploying A/B split tests through Bitbucket Pipelines CI

Running A/B tests or experiments on the web requires injecting lots of JS and CSS into your web app to change the look and feel of the page. Reckless deployments of this code can (and sometimes does) break web applications….

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It’s been a couple of months since we announced that we’d open-sourced Mojito… and at long last you can now find all the documentation for our split testing framework in one central resource! Here, you’ll find: Detailed documentation & API…

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Why an A/B testing tool should form an experiments layer over your site

There’s a reason tag managers are now the de facto for tag deployment. Before tag managers, you’d embed tags directly into your application. It could take weeks or months to deploy them inside large, monolithic apps… Meanwhile, you’d be shifting…

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The Mojito logo.

Introducing Mojito: Mint Metrics’ open-source split testing tool

Update: We have just launched our documentation site for Mojito here. We’re excited to open source Mojito – the experimentation stack we’ve used to run well over 500 experiments for Mint Metrics’ clients. It’s a fully source-controlled experimentation stack for…

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