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Using YoY/MoM conversion rate goals as targets can backfire

A common exercise product teams do at the end of each year is goal setting and revision. We often see conversion rate goals / objectives being set like: Increase the conversion rate from 6.7% to 7.4% When goals measure absolute…

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Track Optimizely, VWO & Mojito tests into Google Optimize

You’ve probably audited your Google Analytics setup and validated the data roughly matches data in your CRM etc (bonus points if you perform this QA process regularly). But who regularly audits the data quality of Optimizely / VWO /…

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Why purpose-built analytics tools beat Optimizely / VWO’s A/B test tracking

We typically find that relying just on Optimizely, VWO or’s A/B test tracking has numerous hidden costs: Restrictive analytics capabilities Worse site performance Increases your compliance obligations & compromises your data sovereignty In our experience Analytics tools like GA…

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