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To improve our clients’ websites (as well as our own), we assist in the collection of data about the resources you access and the device you use to access sites across our network. None of the information we collect is personally identifiable except when you choose to contact Mint Metrics and provide your name, number or email address.

We use Google Analytics, Snowplow Analytics and other similar tools which use cookies and your browsing data to help us understand how you’re using our site and the sites of our clients. We sometimes use the data we collect to manage user preferences and help tailor content you may be interested in.

You can opt out of Google Analytics through the opt-out tool here. Meanwhile for opting out of Mint Metrics’ Snowplow Analytics, you may use the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ form below. We’re a small team, so feel free to reach out to us directly if we can assist further.

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